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Tiffin University

Tiffin University is an independent, private institution of higher education, chartered by the State of Ohio to award degrees at Bachelor's, Master and Doctorate level. The university is located in Tiffin, Ohio, about 2 hours northwest of Columbus. Tiffin University has an excellent reputation, a variety of strong academic programs, caring faculty with professional experience, friendly staff members and a kind environment- where our students come first! Our degree programs are designed to assist students in achieving their full potential after graduation. Opportunities lead to results- and our faculty, staff and students form the community to make this happen, both inside and outside the classroom. Our students receive an education for real life, marked by real opportunities that lead to real-world results. 

Benefits for Columbus State Graduates

  • Students who graduate with an Associate degree from Columbus State (AA, AS, or AAS [with some exceptions]) will meet all of Tiffin University's general education requirements, open elective requirements, and the first two courses of the Dragon Education Core (up to 60 credit hours). No matter your original field of study, if a student enrolls in one of the identified 7 programs, they are guaranteed to only have to complete 61 credits to graduate with their bachelor's degree. 
  • Students who have earned an associate degree will be able to transfer any grade of a "D" as long as it is part of their degree. Any additional credits over 60, or if a degree has not been conferred, students will need to earn a grade of a "C" or better to transfer. 
  • Phi Theta Kappa members are eligible for a tuition discount of $150 off per credit hour. Proof of membership must be provided. 
  • Students may be able to dually enroll in Tiffin University while completing courses at Columbus State.

Information for Columbus State Students

Visit and Contact Information

Cassie Paas serves the institution as the Manager of Strategic Partnerships. She is able to work with interested students considering their transfer options. Cassie can begin the transfer process with students and accommodate them through the admissions process. She welcomes and encourages students to reach out at any point in the process to start the conversation. Cassie can be reached at: or at 419.448.3447 

Virtual Visits, Appointments, and Program Information

You may schedule a virtual appointment with Cassie Pass:

Virtual Open Houses:


Students who have earned the AA, AS, or AAS degrees from Columbus State will only be required to take a maximum of 61 credits toward any of the associate to bachelor’s degree programs, no matter the subject of the associate's degree, below:

Bachelor of Criminal Justice - Contemporary Justice

Bachelof Business Administration- Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration- Management

Bachelor of Business Administration- Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business Administration- Manufacturing Management

Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing

Bachelor of Arts- Psychology

Bachelor of Arts- Workplace Leadership


If the student wishes to enroll in a program not listed above, we will still accept their full associate’s degree and allow them to apply to a program of their choice, we can not guarantee they will only need to complete 61 credits to graduate (it tends to be between 66-70 to complete their bachelor’s degree). 

This is beneficial for students who may wish to change their major. Students who have achieved more than 60 credit hours to achieve their associate’s degree will have their additional credits evaluated for additional transfer credit, students can transfer in up to 90 credits. At least 33 credits in the major core/ concentration (11 courses) must be at the 300-400 level AND at least 30 credits must be taken at TU to graduate.