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2023 Strategic Plan Renewal

Campus Engagement Opportunities

We encourage college-wide engagement in renewing this plan. Your comments and feedback, along with focused stakeholder group conversations, will help shape our vision of where we have been, where we are going, and how we will get there. The renewed plan and feedback form will be available via SharePoint from In-Service Day, April 20, through June 16.

Community Forums 

  • May 5 - Our People, Community Impact, and Values (Complete)
  • May 17 - Student Success, Workforce Development, and Values (Complete)
  • June 9 - Our People, Student Success, and Values (Complete)

Questions and Additional Feedback
Contact Marcus Jackson at

Columbus State has operated under its current Strategic Plan since its creation in 2014, which immediately followed a transformative preceding year coinciding with the college's 50th anniversary in 2013. 

Three guiding principles — Student Success, Workforce Development and Civic Engagement — have been the college's north star for the past nine years, a formalization of comprehensively curated input from the entire community building on Columbus State's solid foundation and striving toward ambitious goals of constant betterment.

As we approach our 60th anniversary in 2023, Columbus State is again building on our past successes with the development of an updated Strategic Plan reflecting the current and anticipated future-state opportunities to improve the college's impact and outcomes in service to our region.

Where We've Been

Student Success

  • Steady upward progress in gateway college math and English course completion within year one.
  • Improvement in degree, certificate and successful transfer completion within a four-year timeframe.
  • Pre-pandemic annual increases in degrees and certificates awarded.
  • Improvement in course success rates correlated with out-of-classroom academic support services.

Workforce Development

  • Began buildout of earn-and-learn opportunities within in-demand manufacturing and IT employment sectors, launched biotech and other bootcamp short-term workforce training programs, and partnered in state and local development efforts to attract Intel to central Ohio.
  • Extended healthcare and IT career education opportunities into high school-accessible curriculum.
  • Increased direct employer-student engagement opportunities.

Civic Engagement

  • Enhanced supports for refugee and immigrant communities and former foster youth.
  • More than 22,000 community volunteer hours through annual Day of Service observances.
  • Formalized expanded non-academic student supports through the formation of an office of Student Affairs.

Where We're Going

DEI-integrated Focus

Strategic planning update efforts are in concert with preceding diversity, equity and inclusion climate assessment and forward-movement initiatives toward a foundational commitment to eliminating systemic inequities within our college culture.

Elevating Our People

Our investment in college faculty and staff who make the Columbus State experience possible will be lifted up alongside other critical strategic priorities.

Building on Proven Success

We will continue and improve upon data-driven practices that improve college access, persistence and completion; align with and support regional workforce growth; and maximize community investment toward meaningful and measurable positive outcomes. 

How We'll Do It

A Strong Start

Our early-stage diversity, equity and inclusion exploration and planning efforts provide the necessary groundwork for integration with strategic planning launch.

Preliminary work toward strategic plan updates as of February 2023 has primarily been completed through a diverse Steering Committee across college functional areas, guided by a project charter. This work is also being completed in tandem with national community college transformation planning partner Achieving the Dream. (AtD is also integral to Columbus State's DEI work.)

Campus Engagement

In-Service Day (April 20) will mark the beginning of the Strategic Plan campus engagement process. Your comments and feedback, along with focused stakeholder group conversations, will help shape our renewed Strategic Plan. The feedback form will be available here from In-Service Day through June 16.

An Opportunity for Celebration

We look forward to formally sharing our plan for the next stages of Columbus State's strategic priorities in October 2023, as we celebrate the milestone of 60 years of service to the central Ohio community. 


Timeline and Milestones

Sep. 2022

Steering Membership Recommendations to Cabinet

Nov. 2022

DEI Town Halls

Dec. 2022

Communication Plan Development

Dec. 2022

Steering Committee Kickoff

Jan. 2023

Research and Planning Complete

Feb. 2023

Listening Sessions, Data Discovery, Dream Conference, and Strategic Plan First Draft

March-May 2023

Campus Engagement (Focused Stakeholder and Inservice)

June 2023

Final Strategic Plan Feedback Window and Strategic Plan Final Draft (Steering Committee)

Sept. 2023

Strategic Plan Final Draft Submitted to Board of Trustees

Oct. 2023

Community Outreach and Celebration

Steering Committee

Student Success

Greg Goodhart Academic Affairs

Martin Blaine Academic Council

Kimberly Connell K12 Partnerships

Dylan Canter DEI Faculty Fellows

Terrence Brown Dean (Health Services)

Lawrence James Regional Campuses

Workforce Development

Shane Kirby Office of Advancement

David Cofer Office of Talent Strategy

Jeff Bates Prior Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Professor, Design, Construction, and Trades)

Elizabeth Bates Business Services

Community Impact

Charles W. Noble III, Esq. Administration

Lisa Phillips Student Affairs

Jack Popovich Prior Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Professor, Business Programs)

Rick Hyatt DEI Faculty Fellows

Our People

Reuel Barksdale DEI Faculty Fellows

Renee Hill Prior Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Columbus State Police Department)

George Johnson Information Technology

Kat McDonald-Miranda Administration/Staff Advisory Council


Charles W. Noble III, Esq. Administration

Kat McDonald-Miranda Administration/Staff Advisory Council

Jack Popovich Prior Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Professor, Business Programs)

Underlying Assumptions

Almar Walter Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dylan Canter DEI Faculty Fellows

Jeff Bates Prior Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Professor, Design, Construction, and Trades)

Lisa Phillips Student Affairs

Renee Hill Prior Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Columbus State Police Department)

Marketing, Communication, and Engagement

Nicole Lovins Marketing and Communications

Sarah Baker Change Management


Paul Rusinko Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Higher Learning Commission

Teddi Lewis-Hotopp Retention Support Services

Project Manager

Angie Shear Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Department Contact

Academics Department

(614) 287-0000