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For faster service, think early, think online!

As we continue navigating the COVID surge and related staffing constraints, Student Central is working hard to support student needs safely and efficiently. If you need help, ask now; don’t wait until the last minute. And seek virtual service first, via online chat at, phone at (614) 287-5353, or email at Some in-person services are available, but wait times may be increased. Thank you for your patience.


CougarWeb is home to your student account. You can:


Usernames & Passwords

Get Help

Help IconStudent Central is your one-stop shop for most student services questions.

Student Central

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Student Resources

Plan Classes & Register

Make a solid plan. Knowing what classes you need helps you finish your degree faster. Find Academic Advisors or run a degree audit.

Locations & Parking

With our convenient downtown location, Delaware Campus, and five Regional Learning Centers, we can meet you close to home.

Paying for College

We have the most affordable tuition in the region back up by Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Graduation & Career

We can't wait to help you get to the next thing.

Campus Life

Our active campus life provides opportunites for enrichment, leadership, and meeting your people.

Student Records

Manage your student profile, including transcripts and records.