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Parking changes are coming to Columbus State this summer. Be ready.

Parking enforcement will return to Columbus State Community College starting Summer Semester 2023. Find out everything you need to know at

Columbus State Update

College News for the Employee Community



Staff Employees of the Month (SEOM)

The employee of the month is an individual recognized by their peers for exceptional service to the college community. Have you seen or experienced service that has gone above and beyond? Nominate a co-worker for Staff Employee of the Month today.

August 2023 SEOMJustin Mulinex

Full-Time SEOM

August 2023 PT-SEOMMary Hooker-Myers

Part-Time SEOM

2022 FT-SEOY
Elicia Flom

Full-Time SEOM 
of the year (2021)

2019 PT-SEOY
Rebecca Clarridge

Part-Time SEOM 
of the year

Employee of the MOnth