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Columbus State is the best place to start a college degree or train for a new career. Get started on your path to graduation today!

*Please note: our application system is not accessible from Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 on Windows XP. Windows XP users will need to use a newer version of Internet Explorer or a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

Standard Application

This application is for all non-Dual Credit/College Credit Plus students applying for the first time to Columbus State. Please note that Dual Credit/College Credit Plus students should complete the College Credit Plus application on the right side of this page.

Standard Application

College Credit Plus (Dual Credit)

This application is for high school students who wish to earn dual credit (high school and college) while still enrolled in high school, through Ohio's College Credit Plus program. Please note: you must be an Ohio resident for tuition purposes to qualify for the College Credit Plus program.

College Credit Plus Application

Returning Students & Previously Accepted Students

Select this option if you have ever submitted an application to Columbus State. We will have your records on file. Please note: If you have taken classes through the College Credit Plus program and would like to continue on as a traditional student at Columbus State, you do need to complete a standard application. Please click the "Standard Application" button above to get started!

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