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My Academic Plan and Degree Audit

The Degree Audit allows students to see how completed and in-progress courses apply toward a degree or certificate, as well as what courses are still needed for graduation.

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My Academic Plan and Degree Audit User Guide

Go to Find your degree audit when you log in using your Columbus State user name and password. You’ll see your declared program/major.

Click "Run Declared Programs" to generate your report. Your degree audit displays the courses you need to fulfill degree requirements and records those you’ve completed, are currently taking and those you have planned for future semesters.

My Academic Plan is the personalized plan you create. Plan which classes you’ll take semester by semester to see how you’ll reach your goal. Using your degree audit and carefully prepared plans developed by our faculty as a starting place, you’ll know which classes are next and how long you’ll take to reach your goal. Build your plan by starting with the Plans tab. Click the Help link in the upper right to find step by step instructions.

Your degree audit assists you in developing a plan for the courses you will schedule each semester. Charts and graphs as well as color coding and symbols help students see what’s complete and what remains. There is a Legend at the bottom of the audit which explains all of the symbols and abbreviations used.

Students may also use degree audit to see how their classes would apply to other majors. Click "Select a Different Program” and use the drop down menus to identify your choice of programs.

If you decide to change your major, make sure to do so officially by calling (614) 287-5353 or submitting a Program of Study Update Form.

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