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Gospel choir performance

Music Programs


Columbus State's Music programs offer a little something for everyone.

Learn to play piano or improve your vocal skills or instrumental technique in class such as Basic Keyboard and Vocal Technique I and II. Learn more about music in classes such as Survey of Music History, Music Fundamentals, and World Music.

Introduction to Electronic Music deals with the creation of synthesized sound from the earliest experiments of the 20th century to current Musical Instrument Digital Interface applications.


For those who want to participate, there is the Concert Band & Instrumental Ensembles,the Jazz Ensemble, Chorus Columbus State and the Gospel Vocal Ensemble. All of these groups are offered as for-credit courses, although you can also join them for no credit.

For more information about the Music Program at Columbus State, visit Music Courses or contact:

Patrice Ross, Ph.D.
Coordinator & Professor of Humanities
(614) 287-5406

Thomas Lloyd
Columbus State Band Director
(614) 287-3993

Gordon C. Franklin
Chorus Columbus State Director
(614) 287-5046

Rick Brunetto
Columbus State Jazz Ensemble Director

Emma Easton
Gospel Vocal Ensemble Director
614-287-5377, Ext. 1677

Rocco DiPietro
Columbus State Electronic Music Ensemble
614-287-5377, ext. 8665