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Graduation Calculator

Find out when you can graduate! The pace at which you finish your degree depends on how many classes you take each semester. This calculator will show your projected graduation date based on your program of study, the courses you’ve already taken, and how many credit hours you plan to take in upcoming semesters. You can also explore how adding more credit hours per semester can help you graduate sooner.

What degree program or certificate are you interested in?


When would you like to start taking classes?

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How many credit hours do you plan to take each upcoming semester?

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You can graduate this Semester.

Your Estimated graduation: {{terms[(termsLeft-1) + shiftTerm].term}} {{terms[(termsLeft-1) + shiftTerm].year}} {{terms[(termsLeft) + shiftTerm].term}} {{terms[(termsLeft) + shiftTerm].year}}

For the most accurate graduation date, consult your Degree Audit in CougarWeb and work with an academic advisor.

At this pace you'll need {{termsLeft}} more semesters to graduate.

Taking even one more class (3-5 credit hours) each semester can get you to graduation sooner. Go back up and add more credit hours to see the difference.

You have enough credits to graduate now!

Important Note: This calculator generates an estimated graduation year, and does not represent a guarantee of the time that will be required to complete a degree. Students in programs with selective or competitive admission or programs with sequenced courses may have preplanned schedules and should consult with an advisor to determine graduation date.

Time to graduation may also be affected by required prerequisites or pre-college level classes that do not apply toward your chosen program of study, and availability of courses each semester. To create a complete plan of study and determine the most accurate graduation date, consult your Degree Audit on CougarWeb and work with an academic advisor.