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High School Transcripts

Why send your high school transcripts?

Official high school transcripts are used to assist us with course placement and are required by some selective admissions programs. A high school education, or equivalent, is required to receive Federal Financial Aid. All students who have graduated from high school should request that their high school send their official, final high school transcript to Columbus State. Students preparing to graduate from high school should request that their official, final transcript be sent to Columbus State as soon as they have graduated.

How to Send Official High School Transcripts

School districts and high schools have standard processes they use to send official, final transcripts directly to Columbus State. Students should connect with their school to learn how they can request that their transcript be sent to Columbus State. 

Columbus State receives official, final transcripts in the following ways:

Transcripts Delivered Electronically: (Preferred)

Official high school transcripts may be sent electronically from the high school using a secure third-party delivery service. Columbus State Community College has received transcripts from the following third-party electronic delivery services:

  • SchooLinks
  • Naviance
  • Parchment
  • Credentials
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Scribonline (Scribbles)*

*NOTE: Schools using any third party vendor that requests an email address should indicate the use of Vendors using this email address will ensure accurate, timely receipt and processing. 

PLEASE NOTE: This email address is to be used, if requested, by the third party vendors. We will not accept transcripts received from a student email account with the document attached. As an alternative delivery method, transcripts may be sent via U.S. mail, or hand delivered in a secured sealed envelope to specified campus locations. (See details below.)

Transcripts Delivered In Person or via Mail:

Final official high school transcripts must:

  • be received in the original, sealed envelope
  • not be opened prior to being submitted to Columbus State Community College
  • Make sure that you have communicated to your school that the transcript (in the sealed envelope) should be on official paper with an official seal and/or official signature, must include the date of graduation, and also must have the final GPA.

No faxed transcripts are accepted

No student email attachments of transcripts are accepted

High School Transcript Request Form

Official transcripts in original sealed envelopes may be delivered to Columbus State Community College by one of two methods:

1. In person in the original sealed envelope from the high school to:

Columbus Campus: Student Central, Upper Level, Madison Hall
Delaware Campus: Student Services, Moeller Hall

2. Mailed to:

Columbus State Community College
ATTN: High School Transcripts
550 East Spring Street
Columbus OH 43215

Helpful Transcript Information for Homeschoolers

Each Ohio homeschool transcript must be accompanied by a copy of the Excused Absence for Home Education Letter the student received from their local school district, excusing the student from public instruction during their senior year. Students homeschooled outside of Ohio, in states that do not offer the official excused absence documentation, must complete the Out-of-State Homeschool Self-Certification Form. This form must be submitted along with your homeschool transcript. 

Transcript required elements: 

The person serving as the homeschool administrator must sign and date the transcript and include all the following elements on the transcript:

  • Student Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Student Address
  • Name of Homeschool with Address (Street, City, State)
  • Courses taken (listed by grade level and year completed)
  • Grades for each course
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Date of High School Graduation
  • Dated Signature of person designated as the homeschool administrator

Homeschool administrators may choose to submit the transcript and accompanying required document(s) attached to an email sent to: