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Internship opportunities

Student News | Monday, March 21, 2022

Having an internship can be an important aspect of your college career, and it also helps round out a resume. Companies need your skills, so start preparing for your Summer 2022 and Autumn 2022 internship experience now!

Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field. They are a way to gain practical and meaningful experience and make you more marketable in your job search. Internships can lead to continued employment with your current employer, along with helping you earn college credit.

If you are interested in an internship opportunity, it's never too early to start the process. Begin your preparation before the semester that you plan to enroll in the internship program.

To assist you in learning more here are the next steps:

You can learn more about internships on the College internship website. 

If you have questions, contact



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