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West Virginia University

Columbus State students who earn the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or the Associate of Applied Science degrees with a GPA of 2.0 or higher are guaranteed admission to WVU on their main campus in Morgantown, West Virginia. Students are not guaranteed admission into their chosen major, if that major requires a higher GPA or certain prerequisite course work unless the student meets those requirements upon completion of their Columbus State degree.

  • Students who earn the AA or the AS degree at Columbus State will have all lower division general education requirements at WVU met. Students may have to take additional lower division course work in math or science if their major program requires it.
  • Students who earn the AAS will have all course work evaluated for application to the general education and major portions of the bachelor's degree. If any general education for WVU is not satisfied with AAS course work, students may need to complete that course work at WVU.
  • Grades and credits are transferrable to WVU.
  • The final 30 semester hours must be completed at WVU of any undergraduate degree.

Ohio Tuition Reciprocity Agreement
As the result of a special agreement, students from Ohio who are fully admitted to certain majors can enroll at WVU and pay in-state tuition rates. Students must be admitted to both the University and the particular major.

Information for Special Enrollment Majors for Transfer Students
What students need for prerequisite course work and GPA for competitive and selective majors at WVU as transfer students.

Transfer Credit Information
Information how WVU transfers credit from other colleges

Information on How to Apply as a Transfer Student
Information on how to apply and what is needed with the application as a transfer student. Also includes deadlines for application.

General Information for Transfer Students to WVU

Questions regarding transfer to WVU:


Associate of Arts Pathways
AA to BS Agribusiness
AA Anthropology to BA Anthropology
AA to BS Business Administration
AA to Business Management (Potomac College)
AA Criminology to BA Criminology
AA Early Childhood Education to BS Child Development and Family Studies- Child Dev. Emphasis
AA to English
AA History to BA History
AA International Studies to BA International Studies
AA to Journalism
AA to Political Science
AA Psychology to BA Psychology
AA Psychology to BA Psychology & Addiction Studies Minor
AA to Sociology
AA to Strategic Communications

Associate of Science Pathways
AS Biology to BS Biochemistry
AS Biology to BA Biology
AS Biology to BS Biology
AS Chemistry to BA Chemistry
AS Chemistry to BS Chemistry
AS to BS Environmental Microbiology
AS to BS Human Nutrition & Food
AS Mathematics to BA Mathematics
AS Mathematics to BS Mathematics
AS Physics to BA Physics
AS Physics to BS Physics
AS Psychology to BS Psychology
AS Psychology to BS Psychology & Addiction Studies Minor

Other Pathways
AAS Nursing to BSN
AAS Sports and Exercise Studies- Sport Management to BS Sports Management