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Request for Non-Traditional (N) Credit


The Request for Non-Traditional (N) Credit may be utilized if a student feels that prior learning, obtained in settings other than a traditional college environment, could be judged to be of collegiate level and equivalent to a course or courses offered at Columbus State Community College.

Students requesting a credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) will:

  • Meet with the appropriate department chairperson and obtain approval to develop a learning portfolio.
  • Submit this completed form to the faculty advisor, along with the receipt for $50.00 obtained from the Cashier's Office, Upper Level, Rhodes Hall.
  • Submit the completed portfolio to the faculty advisor.

Note: A student with only non-traditional credit on his or her academic records will be unable to obtain a transcript until the student has successfully completed a Columbus State course.  N Credit is calculated as part of the earned credit hours but not as part of the grade point average.

For more information regarding the N credit process, contact the appropriate department chairperson. You may call the Telephone Information Center at 614-287-5353 for assistance in contacting the chairperson.