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In-Person Registration

(Note: This form has been combined with the Prerequisite/19 Credit Hours or More Permission Form)

To register in person a student must complete the Registration Add/Drop form and return the form to the Registration Desk. To register in person the student must:

  • Have a photo ID such as: Student ID, Driver's License, State of Ohio ID, Work ID.

Complete the Registration Add/Drop form with all of the requested information and any signatures as necessary.

If you require a Prerequisite/Over 19 Credit Hours permission, this section of the Registration Add/Drop form must be completed for the selected course by the appropriate college representative.  Prerequisite permission is available only to first semester students.  An official transcript from all other institutions attended by the student must be submitted for evaluation prior to the end of the semester.  Transcript evaluation may take up to four (4) weeks after receipt of the transcript.

The form must be completed with all of the necessary information.  If it is not completed correctly, you will be directed to speak with your adviser.