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Build Your Future Engineering Technology at Columbus State


Powerful microchips. Electric cars. Life-saving medicines. Central Ohio is a hub for companies making cutting-edge products.  

Intel, Honda, AMGEN, Andelyn Biosciences, Forge Biologics and others need to fill thousands of new jobs over the coming years. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity with a degree or certificate in engineering technology from Columbus State. You'll learn practical, hands-on engineering skills to keep operations running smoothly.

If you enjoy solving problems, being part of a team, and working with technology, a career in high-tech manufacturing could be a great fit for you.

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Manufacturing Companies in Central Ohio

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Central Ohio employed workers

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Average pay for manufacturing techs

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High-growth Manufacturing Industries in Ohio

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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Intel is bringing semiconductor or “chip” manufacturing to Ohio with the construction of a $20 billion factory complex in central Ohio. With it comes the promise of thousands of good-paying jobs with benefits, career growth, and work-life balance. 

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Biomanufacturing uses biotechnology to manufacture consumer and industrial products on a large scale. In Central Ohio, cutting-edge companies like Andelyn Bioscience, AMGEN, Hikma Pharmaceuticals, and Forge Biologics make and package life-saving medicines and gene therapies. These employers are partnering with Columbus State to prepare and hire new talent. 

food processing image

Food and Beverage Processing

Did you know that transforming raw ingredients into ready-to-eat foods is also manufacturing? Food manufacturing spans everything from cereals and frozen foods to nutrition supplements and pet food. In Central Ohio, major food and beverage manufacturers include Kahiki Foods, Abbott Nutrition, Brew Dog and Anheuser-Busch. 

plastics manufacturing image

Chemical and Plastics Manufacturing

Chemical and plastics manufacturing supplies us with consumer goods like soaps, cosmetics, fertilizers, paints, product packaging and more. In our region, major employers include Bath & Body Works, Sherwin-Williams, Plaskolite, and Greif. 

auto image

Auto Manufacturing

Car and auto parts manufacturing remains one of the top manufacturing industries in the state, with major players like Honda, LG Energy Solutions, TS Tech Americas, and Kenworth located in Central Ohio. Innovation in electric vehicles and battery technology will become increasingly important. 

infastructure materials image

Infrastructure and Building Materials

Companies such as Worthington Industries, Ariel Corporation, and Vertiv make supplies and products vital to our infrastructure. They supply the building blocks for building construction, data centers, natural gas extraction and much more. 

Why Build a Career in Manufacturing?

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Work Environment

Modern factories are masters of innovation. They use the latest technology to continuously improve quality, safety and sustainability. Employees work in clean, high-tech environments to manufacture everything from microchips to auto parts to medicine and medical devices. 

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Skills and Interests

If you like understanding how things are made, how they work, troubleshooting, working with others to solve problems, and learning about new technology, you’ll find a rewarding career path in manufacturing. Manufacturing careers also require the ability to follow specific directions and maintain high standards of quality control.  

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Good Pay and Benefits

A degree in engineering technology prepares you to work as a manufacturing technician in a wide range of fields. Technicians can make $50,000-$70,000 per year, with benefits. Salaries vary depending on the industry and job, so research your area of interest to learn more.

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Career Growth

Technician roles are often accessible with a short-term certificate or two-year degree, and many employers reimburse workers for continued education to progress to supervisory or engineering positions. 


Find the Right Education and Training

Associate Degrees

Our two-year associate degrees provide a well-rounded skillset that qualifies you for immediate employment and advancement in  your manufacturing career. You can use them to get a promotion or apply them toward a bachelor's degree. Need help choosing the right program? Request Information.

electro-mechanical image

Electro-Mechanical Engineering AAS

The skills Electro-Mechanical Engineering technicians possess are used in virtually every industry, from manufacturing, to environmental control, to food and pharmaceutical production, to power plants. Semiconductor giant Intel has approved this degree as a prime education and training program for Intel careers. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Year Degree

Electronic engineering Image

Electronic Engineering AAS

Electronic engineering technologists are in demand in a variety of fields ranging from biomedicine to automated manufacturing. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Year Degree

Logistics Engineering Technology AAS

Logistics Engineering Technology AAS

This degree teaches students to create efficient systems using new technology. It combines coursework from Supply Chain Management, Engineering, and Information Systems Technology. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Year Degree

Electronic engineering Image

Mechanical Engineering AAS

This program presents an inside look at the manufacturing process. Coursework includes an introduction to manufacturing technology, hydraulics, robotics, materials science, and computer aided drafting. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Year Degree

Systems Engineering AS

Systems Engineering AS

The Associate of Science degree in Systems Engineering is designed to satisfy the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in majors that require advanced math or science. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Year Degree

Manufacturing Image

Modern Manufacturing Work Study

The MMWS program combines classroom and lab learning with the opportunity for a paid work-study position at a local industry partner. (Students enrolled in the above AAS programs are eligible to participate.) Learn More

For College Credit | Earn and Learn Program

Short-Term Training Programs

These programs train you for a well-paying job quickly – typically in just a few weeks – to help you upskill or get started in a new career. Some are offered for college credit, which means you can apply them toward an associate degree. Need help choosing a program? Request Information.

Manufacturing Image

Semiconductor Fundamentals Certificate

Intel is bringing thousands of good jobs to the Columbus region. Columbus State, in partnership with community colleges across Ohio, developed a one-year certificate to prepare workers interested in Intel and other high-tech manufacturing careers. Participants will finish job-ready  and gain transferable skills to work in a wide spectrum of manufacturing settings. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-semester Certificate

IST lab Image

IST Training

The Integrated Systems Technology Lab offers competency-based technical training for manufacturing companies seeking to upskill their current employees. Learn More

Short-Term Training Program | 10 - 50 Hours

Manufacturing certificate Image

Manufacturing Engineering Technician Certificate

The Manufacturing Engineering Technician certificate prepares students to work in manufacturing settings in only two semesters. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Semester Certificate

Manufacturing Equipment Technician Certificate

Manufacturing Equipment Technician Certificate

The Manufacturing Engineering Technician certificate prepares students to work in manufacturing settings in only two semesters. Learn More

For College Credit | 2-Semester Certificate

Biotech bootcamp Image

Biotech Boot Camp

Prepare to work as biomanufacturing production technician and develop cleanroom skills that ensure drug safety. Learn More

Short-Term Training Program | 12 Weeks

Pharma bootcamp Image

Pharma Manufacturing Boot Camp

Learn about Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a highly transferable skill set. Learn More

Short-Term Training Program | 3 Weeks