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Construction Updates

Main drop-off loop and a primary street to be closed in front of Columbus Campus 

During the break between semesters in August, two primary traffic arteries in front of the Columbus Campus will be closed for several days for extensive underground utility work. This could cause traffic congestion and very short delays. Mt. Vernon Aveune will close first followed by the main drop-off loop in front of Nestor Hall.

Main Drop-Off Loop - Closed August 21 - 25

From Tuesday, August 21 through Saturday, August 25, the loop in front of Nestor Hall that many students use as a drop-off and pick-up point will be closed. That is also the main entry point for the parking lot used exclusively for handicapped accessible parking - also known as the 10-H lot. For anyone needing that parking lot, a detour will be in place. Drivers must simply continue to the next entry point on the right and then turn in. That access will remain open for continual use of the 10-H lot during construction.  


main drop-off closure map

Mt. Vernon Avenue - Closed August 15 - 20

From Wednesday, August 15 through Monday, August 20Mt. Vernon Avenue will be closed. All traffic coming down Mt. Vernon Avenue will be detoured onto the turn-in loop. As you exit that loop at the other end, you will be able to turn right and continue on Mt. Vernon Avenue, or go straight across to enter the large 11-S parking lot.

Mt Vernon section closure map