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Building a Community of Trust – Part II

Student News | Friday, February 19, 2021

We take Academic Integrity very seriously as part of preparing students for success at Columbus State and beyond. The Student Code of Conduct outlines what constitutes Academic Misconduct, and the required steps should it occur.

Tips to Maintain Academic Integrity

1. Believe that you belong at Columbus State. Whether you’re the first in your family to attend college, you’re fresh out of high school, or you’re returning to school after time away, believe in yourself and your ability to succeed - we do! Having a positive mental attitude has been proven to significantly impact a person’s success.

2. Interact closely with your instructors. Going to office hours or scheduling a personal appointment with your instructors is a great way to ask questions and get clarification on concepts and assignments. Plus, your instructors appreciate knowing you are making the extra effort!

3. Ask questions in class sessions or after class. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Chances are if you’re wondering about something, others are too. They’ll thank you for taking the lead and asking the question!

4. Form study groups. It’s helpful to study with others in your class to compare notes, fill in information that was missed, share ideas, and brainstorm questions to ask in the next class period. 

5. Go to review sessions before tests and exams. Your instructors may arrange review sessions, or you can arrange them with your classmates. These sessions let you review and anticipate material that will be covered on the test/exam.

6. Know the guidelines for academic integrity/academic misconduct for each assignment. Are you allowed to use outside resources (for example: your textbook, Google, etc.) while you are taking the test? Is APA citation expected? Can you work with other students? Guidelines will vary from instructor to instructor and even from assignment to assignment in the same class.

7. Schedule study time. Time can easily get away from us. Blocking out study time on your schedule and honoring it as a firm commitment helps you stay on top of assignments and course content. Don’t be afraid to schedule time with a tutor. Click on “Net Tutor” when you are in your class in Blackboard.

8. Understand what constitutes plagiarism and when citations are needed for sources. Visit and choose the “Research Help” tab for helpful information and videos.

9. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Don’t wait until the last minute to cram for assignments, tests, exams, etc. Start preparing early to give yourself ample time to review and absorb information.

10. It’s healthy to ask for help! Academic success depends on overall wellbeing. Columbus State Counseling ( is available free of charge to help students with personal issues and stress, and Columbus State Cares ( can help with food, finances, housing, and safety concerns. 

Columbus State has resources to help you study smarter, manage your time better, and feel confident with your knowledge of the content in each course. For a full list of student resources, visit For additional information on academic integrity, visit


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