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Felony criminal reporting requirement rescinded

Student News | Monday, November 9, 2020

On Friday, October 16, the Columbus State Board of Trustees unanimously approved a request to rescind policy 7-14, removing the requirement for applicants seeking enrollment at the College to disclose felony-level criminal backgrounds. Removing felony reporting from the student application process aligns with the practice of community colleges throughout Ohio as well as the College’s continuous advancement of student success, equity, access, and inclusion.

In addition to fostering a more welcoming environment, this update acknowledges the many student support and risk assessment systems in place to ensure a safe learning environment and enables the College to work with students of all backgrounds to achieve their educational goals. While this policy update changes the application process to the College, it should be noted that individuals may still be required to disclose criminal background information as a part of selective enrollment programs or during employment processes. Please feel free to direct questions about process implications to Terrence Brooks, senior director for Student Life at


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