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Section of Mt. Vernon Avenue closing Nov. 26

Student News | Monday, November 5, 2018

A permanent road closure on the Columbus Campus will occur during the Thanksgiving break. A section of Mt. Vernon Avenue will close between the entrance to the 11-S parking lot and Cleveland Avenue. The nearby map has green arrows showing the new traffic patterns.

When classes resume on Monday, November 26, the road will stop at the 11-S parking lot. You will not be able to drive down to Cleveland Avenue. You will be required to turn into that parking lot. And since Mt. Vernon Avenue is a one-way street, you will have to exit onto Spring Street on the other side.

The 10-H lot for handicapped-accessible parking will remain open. So will the drop-off loop in front of Nestor Hall. However, once drivers exit from the 10-H lot or the drop-off loop, they will be forced to meander back onto Mt. Vernon Avenue, then through the 11-S parking lot, finally exiting onto Spring Street.

If someone drops you off and/or picks you up from that loop on a regular basis, you may want to let the driver know that it will take a couple of extra minutes to leave the campus because of the new traffic patterns. To avoid the delay, one alternative would be to find a new drop-off/pick-up point near campus.


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