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Library spotlights returning artist for October

Student News | Tuesday, October 2, 2018

For the Artist of the Month, the Columbus State Library welcomes returning artist Cecilia Roman.The exhibit “Discovery, 2018” celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month as we recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American communities.

“Discovery” focuses on emotions, imagination, and mystery influenced by the art movement of Romanticism (abstraction, pure line, disembodied color and fluid atmospheric landscapes). The landscape of loose brushstrokes showcases the power of nature and the energy of movement. With each stroke loaded with pigment, the artist has tested the relationship and the wonder of colors. Discover the nostalgic emotions in the landscape, human experiences of judgment, wonder, and natures’ drama, as we discover ourselves and each other. 

 The exhibition is on display until October 31 in the Library’s first and second floor galleries.

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