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Reading Placement Test


Reading comprehension is a critical skill for college success. The Reading Placement test assesses your ability to read and comprehend, so that you are placed in the appropriate classes your first semester at Columbus State.


Who Needs to Test?

  • If you have an ACT Reading score of 22 or higher, a SAT Critical Reading score of 450 or higher (old format) or a SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 480 (new format), or official transcripts with qualifying English college credits, you are not required to take the Reading Placement Test. Selected majors may require Reading Placement, see your advisor.
  • All others must complete Reading, Writing and Mathematics placement tests before registering for their first semester of classes at Columbus State. 

    IMPORTANT: ACT or SAT scores must have been taken in the past two years. 

Practice is The Best Preparation

Before you test, be sure to review. Proper placement is important to your success in college. Your score will determine whether you will be required to take developmental reading courses.

It's important to understand that, while developmental reading courses are critical for some students, they do not count toward your degree. Scoring an 80 or higher (250 or higher for Next-Gen) on your Reading Placement Test will allow you to begin your first semester in courses that apply toward your major, saving you time and money! 

Practice Tests

Click the links below to take practice tests. This is an important step because it will help you get an idea of what the test is like, and what your score might be if you took the test today. It also provides a review of material that will be on the test, to help you achieve your best score.

In-Person Preparation Help

College Readiness Center
Columbus Campus
Aquinas Hall, Room 214

Tutors are available to suggest tips and offer exercises that may improve your scores in reading and/or writing. 

Taking the Test

Test Format

For the Reading Placement Test, you will be asked to:

  • Read passages of varying lengths
  • Answer 20 multiple choice questions

Testing Locations

Take your Placement Tests at a Columbus State Testing Center location convenient to you. No appointment is necessary, just walk-in during their scheduled hours. Be sure to arrive at least two hours prior to closing to take your tests. Remember that you are not able to register for classes until you have completed your placement tests.

Visit for Testing Center hours and directions.

Important: Be sure to arrive 2 hours or more prior to closing. Tests will not be administered within 2 hours of closing.

Timing, Costs and Testing Rules

There is no charge to take the reading placement test the first time. Retesting is available for $20 for both the Reading Placement Test and Writing Placement Test.

Most students choose to take the Reading Placement Test and the Writing Placement Test at the same time. The tests are not timed.

Allow two hours or more to take the two tests. Neither are timed and students generally spend about 90 minutes total to complete both tests.

Once you start the test you will be permitted to work on the test until the Testing Center closes. If you do not complete the Reading Placement Test before the Testing Center closes, your test will be suspended and you may return at another time to complete it.

Test Scores

If you score below 80, you will be placed into a developmental Reading course, based on your score. If you score 80 or above, you will not be required to take a reading course.


Placement Based on Scores
Scores of 21-51*
Intermediate Reading
DEV 0140
Scores of 52-79
Advanced Reading
DEV 0145
Scores of 80+
No reading
class required

* Scores of 0 or 1 on the Writing Placement Test in conjunction with a 21-30 on the Reading Placement Test will result in referral the Aspire Ohio program. 


Students who wish to retest must wait at least 24 hours before starting their retest and must have a referral form from an advisor. There is a $20 retesting fee to retake the Reading and Writing Placement tests. The Testing Center strongly encourages all students planning to retest any Placement Test to study. Test preparation can be done by visiting and clicking on the link for the appropriate test, and/or by visiting the College Readiness Center, Aquinas Hall Room 214.