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Reading Placement Assessment

Reading comprehension is a critical skill for college success. The Reading Placement Assessment evaluates your ability to read and comprehend so that you are placed in the appropriate classes during your first semester at Columbus State.

Practice is The Best Preparation

Before you test, be sure to review. Proper placement is important to your success in college. Your score will determine whether you will be required to take remedial reading courses.

It's important to understand that while reading courses are critical for some students, they do not count toward your degree. Scoring a 250 or higher on your Reading Placement Assessment will allow you to begin your first semester in courses that apply toward your major, saving you time and money! 

Practice Tests

Click the links below to take practice tests. These provide review material that may be on your assessment. 

Taking the Assessment

Assessment Format

For the Reading Placement Assessment, you will be asked to:

  • Read passages of varying lengths
  • Answer 20 multiple-choice questions

Timing, Costs, and Assessment Rules

There is no charge to take the reading placement assessment. You may retest one time in two years.

Most students take the Reading and the Writing Placement Assessments at the same time. 

Allow two hours or more to take the two assessments. Neither are timed and students generally spend 45 - 60 minutes on each assessment. 

Assessment Scores

If you score 249 or below, you will be placed into a remedial reading course. If you score 250 or above, you will not be required to take a reading course.


Placement Based on Scores
Scores of 200-228
Intermediate Reading
ENGL 0140
Scores of 229-249
Advanced Reading
ENGL 0145
Scores of 250+
No reading 
class required