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College Prep Math

College Prep Math is a self-paced, mastery-based opportunity intended to get students ready for college-level algebra. It's designed for students who have completed high school algebra II but need to continue to sharpen their skills for college and have not yet achieved placement scores that allow them to register for college alegebra.

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How does it work?

The College Prep Math program takes students through self-paced online modules that teach content from three developmental math courses:

  • DEV 0114 - Basic Mathematics and Pre-Algebra 
  • MATH 1050 - Elementary Algebra
  • Math 1075 - Intermediate Algebra

College Prep Math provides each student with an individualized learning path. Students study concepts according to their own needs, spending more time on difficult topics and less time on topics they find easier. This individualized approach allows students to accept responsibility for their work, progress, and success

After completing each module, students take a test and must achieve 80% or above to move on to the next level. Any concepts that are not mastered are added back into the student's module, creating a customized learning experience.

Students who pass all three College Prep Math modues and choose to come to Columbus State Community College will be able to immediately register for college-level mathematics. 

Where is it offered?

College Prep Math is offered at high schools in partner school distracts that include Reynoldsburg ,Columbus City, South-Western, Gahanna, and Canal Winchester, as well as the Delaware Area Career Center. Students should ask their school counselors if Columbus State's College Prep Math will be offered at their high school.

Bottom line benefits

More than 80 percent of students pass the proficiency tests for each module of College Prep Math. This outstanding success rate means big benefits for students.

While college Prep Math does not provide college credit, it can mean sustantial savings of both time and money. Students who complete College Prep Math can register for college-level math in their first semester at Columbus State, avoiding developmental education classes that do not count toward a college degree. This lets the student move toward their degree from the start, and avoid paying tuition - or using financial aid - for courses that are not part of their plan of study. 

It's a high school-college partnership that increases student success, reduces college costs, and benefits everyone involved.