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College Prep Math

College Prep Math is for when passing the Ohio Graduation test isn't enough.

The course is a self-paced, mastery-based opportunity intended to get students ready for college-level math. It's designed for students who have completed high school Algebra II but need to continue to sharpen their skills for college.

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How does it work?

Students begin College Prep Math with a review of basic math and prealgebra topics. From there they have the opportunity to work through two more pre-college level algebra courses. Students who pass all three courses and choose to come to Columbus State Community College will be able to immediately register for college level mathematics. Students pass each course by learning all of the topics in the course and demonstrating 80% mastery of topics on a final comprehensive assessment.

This class provides each student with an individualized learning path. Students are immediately awarded credit for concepts they already understand therefore reducing the boredom factor of being guided through material that has already been mastered. Student may then learn concepts according to their own needs: spending more time on difficult topics and less time on topics they find easier.

This individualized approach allows the students to accept responsibility for their work, progress and success!

Where is it?

College Prep Math was first available at Reynoldsburg High School during the academic year 2011-2012. In addition to Reynoldsburg, high schools in Columbus City, Southwestern, Gahanna, Canal Winchester, and the Delaware Area Career Center are offering the program starting in 2012. Ask your guidance counselor if Columbus State's College Prep Math will be offered at your school.

Results show it works!

During our two summers of pilot testing on campus, more than 80 percent of students passed the course successfully, improving their math readiness.

College Prep Math does not provide college credit, but it can offer big savings. Students who complete the class don't have to waste time and money re-taking pre-college math during their first year of college. And even better, Columbus State welcomes students to college classes at the appropriate placement level based on the series of modules they completed in high school.

This is a high school-college partnership that makes the student the winner.