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Columbus State scholarships available for adults impacted by COVID-19

Campus News | Wednesday, August 5, 2020

This scholarship application deadline has closed. Check back this spring for more scholarship opportunities!

As the job market continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Columbus State has retooled a scholarship program directed toward adults who have had their income affected by a number of COVID related events, have been in foster care, suffered a job loss or furlough or meet requirements related to income. The program provides $2,000 in individual scholarship funds that can be used to take a variety of short-term certificates in fields where there are career paths with well-paying jobs.

Certificates range across several areas with programs in occupational fields in information technology, healthcare, childcare, construction, bioscience, and manufacturing to name a few. The College partners with employers in the region and collects industry trend data to determine ongoing talent needs that will fill local jobs and/or add skill sets that make candidates attractive for hire or promotion. 

"Now is the time to begin to explore what’s next,” says Cheryl Hay, executive director of Columbus State’s Office of Talent Strategy. “With the expiration of enhanced unemployment benefits, individuals are now starting to seek out education programs that can move them toward a career path and/or prepare them for a larger role with their current employer. The scholarship funds that the College has been awarded by the state round out that strategy of assistance that the enhanced benefit structure began. Many of the certificates carry college credit that can count towards future pursuits towards an associate degree.  Non-credit certificates do not carry college credit but can assist in launching a career or in expanding skills."

Some certificates require as few as three classes with as little as nine credit hours. Others require more than 20 credit hours and courses over several semesters.

In addition to giving individuals access to funds, the College has a project manager dedicated to helping you navigate program selection and registration.  To qualify, applicants must be 25 years of age or older, an Ohio resident, and be in one of the following categories: 

  • Loss of a job due to COVID-19
  • Reduction of hours at work due to COVID-19
  • Loss of childcare due to COVID-19
  • Loss of sources of income due to COVID-19
  • Former foster youth
  • Financial need (requirements are similar to Pell Grant eligibility) 

The $2,000 in scholarship funding can be used for tuition, school supplies, lab supplies, documentation, and certifications. Funding is provided by the Ohio Department of Education’s Short-Term Certificate Program. 

More information is available at


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