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Columbus State Partners with Accenture in new apprentice program

Campus News | Friday, August 10, 2018

Accenture has welcomed its first class of apprentices to its innovation hub in Columbus. The company teamed with Columbus State Community College to recruit students and recent graduates to participate in the year-long program. It is designed to provide hands-on experience with advanced technologies. Upon completing the program, apprentices will have the potential opportunity to secure full-time employment with Accenture. President Harrison says, “Accenture is bringing a very forward-thinking approach to helping our students and recent graduates develop the skills they need to thrive in digital-economy jobs.

This program is also a model for deepening the alignment between academic institutions and employers in our communities and furthering the development of our technology workforce in Ohio.” The first cohort – which joined the company this month – will be part of Accenture’s innovation hub team, developing proficiency with advanced software engineering technologies including agile, DevOps, cloud computing, and robotic process automation. In addition to on-the-job learning, the program will also provide opportunities to sharpen leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

"The collaboration between Accenture and Columbus State will open doors to technology careers that otherwise may have not been available to students and recent graduates,” says Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther. “I’m grateful for Accenture’s continued commitment to Columbus and in helping us grow our thriving business and technology community.” Joe Chenelle, office managing director for Accenture in Columbus, says, “Our apprenticeship program is intended to provide under-represented groups greater access to digital-economy jobs while building a pipeline of talent to address the skills gap many companies are facing. We are working with Columbus State to give students and recent graduates the opportunities to build the skills required to fill the technology jobs of today and tomorrow.”

Accenture opened the innovation hub in Columbus this year, bringing 200 tech jobs to the area.

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