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Preparing Students to Meet the World's Insatiable Demand for Semiconductors

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There has never been more opportunity for a good-paying job to build the life you want in central Ohio. Intel establishing an advanced semiconductor fabrication site in the region brings immediate and long-term career opportunities for future students, current students, job-seekers, and lifelong learners.

The investment is expected to attract dozens of suppliers from semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers to a range of service providers, creating thousands of good jobs in central Ohio. The businesses in the combined ecosystem, known as the Silicon Heartland, are all going to require top talent. Columbus State Community College is a leader in preparing students and working professionals with the latest knowledge, skills, experience, and credentials they need for the career they want — now and in the future. 

Many of those good-paying jobs are accessible with a two-year Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate Degree.  In the coming decade, the semiconductor industry is set to experience substantial growth, with a projected increase in the U.S. of 115,000 jobs. Now is the perfect time to start a degree that will prepare you for a sustainable career in semiconductor manufacturing.  


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Video Highlights

Brianna Bell, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduate

Brianna never thought she'd go into Engineering Technology. But once she got into Columbus State's Engineering Technology Program, she found it was a perfect fit.

Scot McLemore, Executive in Residence

“In central Ohio, I believe that there’s a renaissances in manufacturing that is happening, which is really being led by advance manufacturing industries.”

Chris Dennis, Engineering Technology Instructor

“I’ve seen better jobs than I’ve ever seen in my life right here in central Ohio. I would say don’t wait until the time is perfect, because then the right time might pass you by. This is the time to get your Engineering Technology degree.”

Dr. Adele Wright, Professor, Engineering Technology

“Our program is very hands on. You’re going to be turning the wrench, getting the multimeter out, making the robot move — we do all of those things.”

Incoming Careers in the Silicon Heartland



Semiconductor Manufacturing in Ohio

Semiconductors, also known as integrated circuits or chips, make computing possible. Typically manufactured from silicon in highly automated factories, semiconductors are etched with thousands (or even millions) of microscopic electrical transistors that allow them to process and store information.  

Employees in the semiconductor industry help create these precision products in ultra-clean environments. In central Ohio, the factories (also known as fabs) will print and etch circuit patterns onto silicon wafers. 

Since the 1970s, chips have become increasingly smaller, cheaper and more powerful, leading to huge leaps in technology. These chips are the brains of the computer or mobile device you’re using right now and nearly every other machine that supports daily life and work in communications, computing, healthcare, consumer goods, the Internet of Things, smart energy, and transportation.



STEM Students

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology is one of the most in-demand and highly sought-after careers in the advanced manufacturing industry. These electro-mechanical technicians are trained in a variety of skill areas, making them attractive to companies that need their knowledge, skills, and expertise to maintain a vast array of high-tech mechanical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and automation systems used in production. 

This program focuses on automation and process control, two key skills in semiconductor manufacturing. Electro-mechanical technicians maintain industrial machines and help design new, safer, more efficient systems. Completion of an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Associate Degree could lead to employment at Intel’s future site in Ohio.

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Columbus State’s Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate Degree program has been approved as a prime education and training option for semiconductor jobs at Intel and other semiconductor manufacturers. Apply today to get a head start!

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About the Program

The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) program is a marriage of Columbus State’s Mechanical and Electronics Engineering Technology programs with additional coursework focused on automation and process control. 

Electro-Mechanical Technicians, sometimes called Multi-craft Technicians, are “jacks of many trades.” They perform both preventative and corrective maintenance on mechanical systems, electro-mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and automated productions systems as well as assist in the design of new systems and the re-work of old systems.

Career Outlook

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technicians are in great demand. Intel is bringing semiconductor or “chip” manufacturing to Ohio with the construction of a $20 billion factory complex in central Ohio.

With it comes the promise of thousands of good-paying jobs and the need to develop education, training, a steady supply of talent to support this booming industry. You could be working with the brain of nearly every electronic device that powers daily life and work.

Program Overview

62 Credit Hours
$11,032 tuition (Tuition is subject to change)

Learn How To:

  1. Read and interpret engineering drawings. 
  2. Select an appropriate electric motor and control based on known functional requirements.
  3. Identify and troubleshoot components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  4. Identify and select electro-mechanical components for typical industrial requirements.
  5. Demonstrate skill in applying programmable logic controllers to control simple processes.

Job Roles

Technicians play an extremely important role in turning ideas into reality. Titles include: 

  • Electro-mechanical technicians
  • Industrial controls technicians and engineers
  • Electronics installation and repair specialists
  • Automation specialists, maintenance systems technicians
  • PLC programmers, robotics technicians 

Learn more: Manufacturing Technician: "What It’s Like To Work at Intel."


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