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Student Success Workshops

Research shows that students who get involved in college activities and connect with student resources are more likely to have a successful college experience. At Columbus State, we provide a number of programs and services to help you prepare for academic and career success.

Our series of Student Success Workshops are a great way to learn new success strategies and connect to College resources dedicated to help you meet your education goals. Join us for any of the live virtual or in-person workshops listed below, or log on any time 24/7 to attend on-demand online workshops.

See a list of Cougar Welcome events here.


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Student Success Week, taking place March 20 - March 25, is a series of interactive workshops to help students build the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be successful at Columbus State and beyond.

Financial wellbeing and support
Mental wellness
Campus involvement
…and more!
Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate.  

Join us!

March 20 - March 25

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Online, On-Demand Workshops

Log in anytime to view workshops and videos on a variety of topics to help you excel in all areas of your life, including:

10 Tips for Success in Online Courses

Exploring Careers and Majors

Academic Integrity: Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism 

Achieving Well-Being, Balance, and Success

Discover Your Learning Style

Exam Preparation Tips and Test-Taking Strategies

Creating your College Bucket List: Explore, Experience, Succeed

How to Overcome Math Anxiety

Mastering the Job Interview

How to Develop Cross-Cultural Skills

Many other topics!

Available on-demand 24/7

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Online, On-Demand Workshops


Additional Resources

Pre-Semester Checklist

Designed to help you prepare for online classes, the checklist will make sure that you are prepped and ready to navigate the technology you will use while you are learning online at Columbus State.

Pre-Semester Checklist

Online 101: Learning the Basics of Online Learning

Even if you're completely new to online learning, Columbus State has all of the resources and support you need to succeed. Visit for everything you need to know to master classroom technology, access College resources, and make the most of learning in the online environment.

Faculty Office Hours and Personal Appointments

Faculty office hours are a time for you to drop in to ask questions and get advice or information. Even in the virtual environment, many faculty members have hours set aside to welcome students seeking more explanation about topics discussed in class or assistance with assignments.

Talking with your instructors one-on-one during virtual or in-person office hours is a great way to make a personal connection and gain the understanding you need for academic success. And your instructors appreciate knowing you care about the course and are making the extra effort!

Each faculty member establishes their own schedule, so check the syllabus and your instructor's welcome announcement in all of your classes for information on setting up appointments or dropping in to office hours.

Student Resources 

For a complete list and links to all student resources, visit

Help with Food, Finances, Housing And Safety

CState Cares is our umbrella for the wraparound human services at Columbus State. Our mission is to improve academic outcomes by moving students to financial stability and economic mobility. Visit to find out more.

Financial Wellness Videos On Demand

Click the button below to view videos on a variety of financial wellness topics.