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Registration is open for both autumn and summer classes

Attending Columbus State year-round is a great way to earn credits faster, lighten your per-semester classload, and move toward graduation faster. Registering for both summer and autumn semesters now gives you the best choice of subjects, times, and locations.

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What You Need to Know

  • Autumn Semester registration is now open. Current students can register on CougarWeb. Incoming students, please visit for next steps.
  • It's not too late to sign up for short-term summer classes! Jump to Summer Semester
  • State-mandated COVID-19 safeguards continue, and the safety of our students and employees is always our first priority. Summer Semester classes, including science labs, will be delivered in the remote or online format. So you can continue moving toward your education goals in the safety of your own home.
  • The physical Bookstore location will remain closed for the start of Summer Semester. Students can purchase all course books and supplies through the Bookstore website. All online purchases will ship free of charge until July 31.
  • Welcome to students from other colleges! Many students take summer classes at Columbus State while they're home, either to stay on track or get a jump on their schedules. Jump to Transient Students

Register for Autumn

Autumn Semester starts August 31. This year, most classes will be offered in the 8-week format. While we will still offer some 16-week options along with 5-week classes and additional short term options, you'll find the majority of sections offered either the first 8 weeks, which begins on August 31, or the second 8 weeks, starting on October 25. 

AUTUMN Class Schedules

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Academic Calendar

It's not too late to register for Summer

Summer Semester is under way, but you can still register for short-term classes. Short-term classes contain the same content as full-term classes, so you don't miss a thing! Condensing the information into a shorter term means more material will be covered each week. Short terms include:

  • An 8-week term starting Monday, June 8.
  • A 5-week term starting Monday, June 29

To find short-term classes:

  • Go to the Summer 2020 Class Schedules.
  • In the "Select Subject" bar, scroll down to select "8-Week Terms," "5-week Terms," or "Other Flex Terms" to see all short-term options, then click "Go."

SUMMER Class Schedules

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Home for the summer? Stay on track with summer classes.

Many students found their educational plans disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. We're here to help you pick up where you left off and keep moving toward your degree.

If you attend another school, you can enroll in classes – for summer or any semester – as a transient student at Columbus State, and earn credit that easily transfers back to your home institution. Use our streamlined process to apply and register as a transient student.

Transient Student Registration

New to Columbus State?

Welcome to Columbus State! You’ve chosen the very best place to start a degree and/or train for a career. Use this checklist to help you get ready to start either summer or autumn: