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COVID-19 Employee Guidance

Rapid Tests

Rapid self-administration tests are still available for pick up while remaining supplies last.

Employees can access rapid tests at Columbus State Police at Columbus Campus, Moeller Hall at Delaware Campus, and from other regional locations.

Students can be directed to access rapid tests from Student Central at Columbus Campus and Moeller Hall at Delaware Campus.

Test distributions are limited. Accessing free federal tests, insurance-subsidized testing, and/or inexpensive drug store options is recommended.

CDC Guidance

The latest federal guidance is updated here. We will communicate any major updates from federal, state and local guidance.

Mask Wearing

Masks are optional, but welcome, on any Columbus State-controlled property, indoors or out.

Students and employees are expected to follow mask guidance at other properties during instruction or work.

Guidance: Addressing Students with Visible Symptoms of Illness

PDF of conversation guidance

What to keep in mind:

  • Conversations about health and visible symptoms consistent with communicable illness are best held away from others to maintain privacy and minimize concern among others in the area.
  • Access to healthcare, fear about taking time away from work/school, and financial strains may be of concern to some individuals who are visibly ill, and this may be what is behind resistance to resting or receiving medical attention. This reality means individuals may respond emotionally when engaging in conversations about visible symptoms of illness.
  • Individuals may believe they need to be on campus to access services. However, in most cases, we can reassure a student that remote support is available and that someone will follow up with them once they leave College property in an effort to put their health first.
  • Centering the conversation on care for the individual’s health and wellness, not necessarily on impact to others, aligns well to our culture of compassion and may avoid escalation or defensiveness.
  • When speaking with the student, keep the wellness of both you and the student in mind.