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Start A New Career

Columbus State offers short-term programs to prepare you to enter an in-demand field in central Ohio. Local employers report critical shortages of skilled workers in areas such as advanced manufacturing, health care, IT and more.

We can help you qualify for a new job and start a new career. Whether you're unemployed, underemployed, or just seeking a change, we can help you reach your goals with relevant, practical coursework. Courses are held in convenient locations around central Ohio, and funding options are available. Browse the menus below to learn more.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Semiconductor Certificate

Semiconductor Fundamentals Certificate

This two-semester certificate prepares you to work as a semiconductor manufacturing technician.  The certificate also counts toward an associate degree in electro-mechanical engineering technology.

For College Credit | 2 Semesters

Biotech Bootcamp

Biotech Bootcamp

Central Ohio is becoming a biotech hub. Learn how to make life-saving medicines, vaccines and gene therapies, and develop cleanroom skills that ensure drug safety.

Noncredit Training | 12 Weeks

Manufacturing Ready

Manufacturing Ready!

Learn the skills you’ll need to work in manufacturing. Start with the core fundamentals taught in this program, and you can begin a rewarding career.

Noncredit Training | 3 Weeks

Pharma Bootcamp

Pharma Bootcamp

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is growing in Central Ohio: In this three-week program, you'll learn Good Manufacturing Practice to make pharmaceuticals in a clean room environment.

Noncredit Training | 4 Weeks


Technical Training Lab

Need to upgrade your manufacturing skills? The Technical Training Lab has a mix of hands-on and online training for manufacturing workers. You can sign up as an individual or get sponsored by your employer.

Noncredit Training | 20-136 Hours

Health Care

Patient Access Representative

Patient Access Representative

Build skills to support patients seeking medical care. This noncredit program is offered at no cost to participants.

Noncredit Training | 6 Weeks

Patient Access Representative

Health Care Certificates

Earn college credit and learn skills that will qualify you for employment in health care, so you can earn while you learn.

For College Credit | 2-Year Degree or Short-Term Certificates

Workplace Skills

Language Institute

Language Institute

Improve you language skills. The Language Institute provides basic English as a Second Language training. If you need to learn English to get a job, start here.

Basic English | 8 Weeks