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Pharma Manufacturing Bootcamp

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are searching for skilled employees in your community. To help meet this demand and build new education pathways to in-demand careers for Central Ohioans, Columbus State Community College has launched a Pharma Manufacturing Bootcamp. You can prepare for a good-paying new career in Pharma Manufacturing.

There’s never been a better time to reset your career path.

Apply now! Start times are in June and July.

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This four-week, no-cost program is hosted at Columbus State’s Northeast Franklin County Accelerated Training Center. Get job-ready by cultivating the technical and leadership skills you’ll need to move into a rewarding career with a long list of potential employers in pharmaceutical, food, beauty and personal care product manufacturing – all in the Columbus Region.

Career Outlook

This program introduces the basics of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Good Manufacturing Practice are practices that adhere to the most current regulations enforced by relevant agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. GMP ensures that consumers can access safe, effective products. GMP training is a highly transferable skill, opening the door to jobs in food, beverage, beauty, personal care, agricultural and semiconductor manufacturing.

Prospective employers include Amgen, Abbott, Beauty Park Manufacturers, STAQ Pharma, American Regent, HIKMA and InBev. High growth in this industry has resulted in high demand for workers. Entry-level jobs offer competitive pay and benefits, plus the opportunity to advance with further education.

Average wages for entry-level roles range from $28,000 to $55,000 annually.

Who Should Apply?

Military veterans


High school and career-technical grads

People with a high school diploma


Program Overview

Program length: Four weeks
Cost: Free tuition and textbooks
Schedule: Daytime & Evening Classes Available
Location: Northeast Accelerated Training Center
Suite 100
7795 Walton Pkwy
New Albany, OH 43054


What You’ll Learn

  • Basic electrical systems, mechanical drives, and pneumatic systems used in manufacturing equipment.
  • How to safely operate, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance on the industrial equipment used to produce pharmaceutical products.
  • How life-saving medicines, vaccines and gene therapies are made.
  • FDA regulations that keep drugs safe for patients, including cleanroom processes.
  • Career readiness and workplace skills.
  • Opportunities for continuing your education to grow your career and salary prospects.


Yussif Abdullah - Pharma Manufacturing Bootcamp


Class Sessions

In just four weeks, you’ll gain a wide range of skills employers are looking for – all at no cost to you.

April 15 – June 27

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
6PM - 9PM

June 3 – June 26

Monday - Friday
8AM - 4PM

July 8 – July 31

Monday - Friday
8AM - 4PM

Contact Us

Need help with enrolling, or have other questions? Reach out to us at:

Accelerated Training Centers 

Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Program Application

Begin your journey by completing the program application. Click "Apply Now" below to apply and set your course toward a brighter future.

Apply Now

You'll create an account to apply to become a Columbus State student. Try to complete as much of the process as you can on your own, but if you have questions, reach out to us at 614-287-5528 or for help.

Step 2: Submission of "College Readiness" Materials

Demonstrating your readiness for the program can be achieved through various avenues. Follow these guidelines for submission:

a. Official Transcripts from College Courses (if applicable): If you've taken college courses in the United States, please arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to the college. To expedite the process, click here. While your official transcripts are in transit, kindly forward an unofficial copy to Make sure to specify the program you've applied for in your email.

b. Official U.S. High School Transcript or GED: For those with a U.S. high school background, provide an official copy of your high school transcript or GED by clicking here. Alongside this, send an unofficial copy to while you await your official documents to be processed. Mention the program you've applied for in your email.

c. Alternative Options: If the above options do not apply to you, consider the following pathways:

i. For 8+ Years of Schooling in the U.S. (English Native): If you've completed at least 8 years of schooling in the U.S. and English is your native language, you'll need to undertake the Reading & Math placement tests. To register for these tests, click here. Once done, share your scores with us by emailing

ii. For Less Than 8 Years of Schooling in the U.S. (Non-Native English): If you have less than 8 years of schooling in the U.S. and English isn't your native language, you should complete the ESL placement test. Register for this test by clicking here. After the test, email your scores to

Step 3: Upon successfully completing both steps 1 & 2, you'll receive an application status email from one of our dedicated career navigators. Accepted candidates will be provided with comprehensive enrollment details and valuable scholarship information. If, unfortunately, your application is not accepted, don't worry. We'll offer you guidance on the next steps to consider.

The Pharma Manufacturing Bootcamp is currently available to eligible students at no cost. Additionally, upon successful completion of the program, participants may qualify for a stipend of up to $1800.