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Data Center Technician Program

Companies are building new data centers in Columbus, and they need qualified workers.

Central Ohio is home to more than 50 data centers, including facilities owned by Amazon, Facebook, Cardinal Health, and others. That means local employers are in need of qualified data center technicians, and Columbus State is helping to train students for these in-demand jobs. Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Columbus State is able to offer students in this program scholarships and a potential work opportunity with Amazon.

What is a data center technician?

Data center technicians maintain the hardware infrastructure of the latest cloud computing server technologies. Data center technicians should be able to perform diagnostics, troubleshoot problems, gather data on common problems and work in teams to resolve them.

Opportunity with AWS

Columbus State is partnering with AWS to offer a unique opportunity for students to obtain a part-time paid position.


  • Positions are part-time (roughly 30 hours per week)
  • Pay ranges from $14-20 per hour
  • Duration: 12-16 weeks

Students who complete the temporary work positions will make themselves competitive candidates for full-time employment with AWS. In addition, the skills and knowledge gained will help students become qualified to work at any of the other data centers located in the region. Starting salary for a full-time Data Center Technician is approximately $55,000.


Students will be eligible to interview for the Data Center Technician position after completing the following courses:

  • Industrial Applications and Software (ITST 1101)
  • Introduction to CISCO Networks (CSCI 2750)
  • Technical Writing (COMM 2204)
  • A + Cert, Managing/Troubleshooting PCs (ITST 1123)
  • Linux Essentials (ITST 1136)
  • Linux Administration (CSCI 2790)
  • Project Management Fund & Case Studies (CSCI 2330)


To be considered for a position with Amazon, students must complete the courses listed above. Students who have already completed some of these courses as part of another degree or certificate program may be eligible for scholarship funding from Amazon to take the remaining classes needed to interview for a data center technician role.

Contact us or attend the upcoming info session to learn more.


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