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Preview – and test - the new Catalog search tool

Update | Tuesday, March 16, 2021

After an extensive development process, the Marketing & Communications Department is preparing to launch a new catalog search tool. It is designed to help students explore Columbus State Community College’s academic programs and career pathways more effectively. The department conducted user testing with multiple groups along the way. Now they need your help for final testing. 

Preview the Catalog Tool

The new tool is an update of the one that launched in 2017 and includes these new features: 

  • More customized search options allowing students to search degrees and programs, courses, careers,
  • and transfer agreements in one search box. 
    Results that can be filtered by program type, delivery mode, pathway. or academic department. 
  • Search results that match academic programs with related career and transfer options. 
  • Printable PDF of real-time, database-informed academic program overviews.

In this final testing phase, we’re asking the broader College community to review content, test-drive the new search tool, and offer feedback prior to our final launch later this spring. There are specific requests for you depending on your role at the College. 

Academic departments
Please review your catalog content for accuracy, clarity to a prospective student, and completeness. The search tool pulls the majority of its information for CurrIQnet, so that most changes will be handled there. Check out this Catalog Search Tool web page for more information on what to check and how to address issues.  

Staff and faculty
Please review the Catalog Search Tool web page for completeness and functionality. Will it help you in your work? How do you think it will be received by students?

View our introduction video here, and then preview the Catalog Search Tool at this link. Keep a log of any bugs, content issues, or other feedback as you go, and submit your feedback to Tony Goins, web content coordinator, at, by Tuesday, March 23. 

Thank you for your partnership in making this an even better search tool for students exploring their college and career options. 


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