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Office of Equity and Compliance training opportunities

Update | Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Office of Equity and Compliance works to support a healthy learning and working environment for all students, staff, and faculty by educating and training our campus community. There are three training sessions available for Autumn Semester.

Equity and Compliance: Supporting Our Campus Community
In this 60-minute session, participants will learn how the Office of Equity and Compliance works to support a healthy, respectful, and safe environment by overseeing the College’s discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and accessibility policies and initiatives. New employees participate in a version of this session during New Hire Orientation.

The Equity and Compliance team will offers this training session is offered on Microsoft Teams on the 15th  day of each month during Autumn Semester. View upcoming sessions and register on Cornerstone. See this guide for Cornerstone search and registration tips.

A Collaborative Partnership: Equity and Compliance and College Credit Plus
Both Columbus State and high schools participating in College Credit Plus (CCP) share the responsibility to address concerns of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other types of discrimination. Designed for Columbus State employees who work within CCP (including instructors, facilitators, and volunteers), this 60-minute training provides an overview of College Policy 3-43, Harassment/Discrimination/Retaliation, and College Policy 3-44, Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence. It features scenario-based examples to engage participants in conversation about how and when to consult with Equity and Compliance to address concerns of harassment and discrimination.

To learn more, or request this training session, email

Cougars Creating Positive Change: Addressing Sexual Harassment at Columbus State
Designed for Columbus State students, this 90-minute training explores how all members of our community can effect positive change on our campuses. Students will learn how the College defines sexual harassment and consent; how the Office of Equity and Compliance addresses concerns of sexual harassment; how to intervene as an active bystander and respond to a disclosure of sexual harassment; and how to share and access resources related to dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and other types of sexual harassment.

Interested students can view upcoming training sessions and register by visiting the Equity and Compliance CougarConnect page

Additionally, Equity and Compliance offers customized sessions of Cougars Creating Positive Change for academic programs and departments. Staff or faculty may request a customized Cougars Creating Positive Change training session specific to their students by emailing

For more information about Equity and Compliance, including other trainings and educational resources, visit their webpage



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