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No staff December 2020 Performance Review; new streamlined review

Update | Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The challenges of 2020 have complicated the tasks of managing work. This has impacted collaboration and service to students, fellow employees, and other customers, whether we are working remotely or as part of essential staff located on campus.

A decision has been made to streamline our performance review process and shift our employee review year to the fiscal year format. This will move our next round of employee reviews from December 2020 to a performance evaluation period with a June 30, 2021 end date. (Fraternal Order of Police employees should consult your leadership regarding your employee performance cycle.)

When the next performance review task is issued in July 2021, employees will continue to provide a self-review. This will primarily be based on the competency model, and each myPLAN-eligible employee will still have an opportunity to document good work on behalf of the College. Managers will have a single narrative block where they will be asked to write a summary statement reflecting on their evaluation of each employee’s contribution. A sample of the new performance instrument is under development and will be shared when available.

We will continue to use the Cornerstone Performance module to disseminate the annual review task. Maintaining performance documentation using the myPLAN goals process in Cornerstone will remain available but not be mandated. The second-level manager sign-off step has been discontinued. 

These changes will allow the executive-level and staff-level performance cycles to be synchronized. It is designed to emphasize the behavioral expectations of the competency model and streamline the performance review workflow and time requirements, particularly for supervisors and managers.

If you have questions, contact Phyllis “Dr. Phyl” Gorman, director of Professional Development & Retention, at


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