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Remind student writers to check out Et al

Update | Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The English Department is now seeking student submissions for the fall 2021 issue of Et al. – the English Department's online journal of excellence in student writing. Please visit Issue IX to see the latest publications by Columbus State student writers at this link. 

Et al. (Latin for "and others") is a journal celebrating individual excellence in student writing while also acknowledging the "others" who contribute to that excellence—teachers, tutors, mentors, classmates. By showcasing successful student writing from across campus, Et al. seeks to inspire students in all fields of study to appreciate writing as a means of learning, collaborating, and achieving.  

Submission possibilities for students include: 

Reflections, essays, and research reports 
Works of creative writing and journalism 
Case studies, lab reports, and reviews 
Analysis, proposals, and technical documents 
Any other kind of writing produced for a Columbus State class

Students can complete a submission form at this link.  

For information about submitting to the journal, or general questions about the journal, contact Shawn Casey, associate professor of English, at 


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