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Scheduling and events on Columbus Campus

Update | Friday, November 1, 2019

With the renovation of the 4th floor Conference Center in WD and the opening of Mitchell Hall, the campus is starting to ask questions about how to request and secure rooms for college business. This is the first of several articles to address common questions. The offices of Curriculum Management and Conference and Event Services are partnering together to provide this information. 

Central Scheduling, in the Office of Curriculum Management, is responsible for the scheduling of all academic credit-bearing sections, providing space for non-credit sections that fall outside of their assigned room partition, and accommodating Ad Hoc room requests. Ad Hoc requests encompass a multitude of situations or needs to include: tutoring for students, any section that has a need for an additional instructional space for a day or two, academic meetings, student clubs and organizations, etc.   

The priority on room scheduling each semester is to place the academic sections (credit and non-credit) into appropriate instructional space prior to the start of the semester. Once all sections have been accommodated, the scheduling of Ad Hoc events begins with those requests that will occur within the first two weeks of the semester and working on to others once those are complete. Final exam week space is the priority for the end of the semester, and Ad Hoc requests for this time frame will also be held until all class sections are accommodated.

The forms used to complete a room request are online generated and processed. Please make certain to provide as much detail as possible for your request to allow us to find the appropriate space for your function. If your request is for a specific class, please remember to include the course alpha numeric and three-digit section number as the scheduling system is section driven.  To request space, please visit the new Employee website at

Questions about Academic and Ad Hoc Room Scheduling can be directed to Jackie Wilson extension 2537 and ErinBeth Dower extension 5946.

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