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Columbus State’s United Way employee giving campaign runs through May 13

Update | Tuesday, April 19, 2022

In a show of support for United Way of Central Ohio’s targeted purpose to reduce poverty in our region, Columbus State is relaunching an annual employee giving campaign offering the opportunity to make donations to United Way through payroll deduction. Click here to make a donation if you are ready.

Our United Way campaign starts today and continues through the end of Spring semester, May 13. Our total donation goal, based on recent past fundraising by similar institutions in support of United Way, is $10,000.

Longtime Columbus State employees will likely recall our College history of past annual United Way campaigns. Solicitation has continued over recent years among Cabinet leadership, so we have never formally paused support for United Way. We are bringing back the giving opportunity to all faculty and staff in recognition of our ongoing overlapping mission with United Way and its network of supported community nonprofit organizations.

You’ve often heard or even used our unofficial catch phrase: Columbus State is the ticket to a better life. And you’ve seen us formalize and expand non-academic student supports to facilitate individual progress that extends to our broader community at large, to make our offer more attainable and success unavoidable.

But we can’t do it alone. United Way is a terrific partner in our community working alongside us to make lives better equipping individuals with the tools they need to end poverty in their lives.

You can donate through our United Way giving page by choosing payroll deduction or one-time gift. Your donation is eligible for charitable deduction when you file your annual taxes.

While this campaign is in support of United Way’s Community Impact Fund, you may choose if you wish to direct your donation to a specified nonprofit institution, whether or not it is a United Way member agency. (These directed donations will not count toward our $10,000 campaign goal.) A small portion of those directed donations (10 percent) will be retained by United Way.

Thanks for considering participation in the campaign, and look for future reminders through May 13. 


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