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Employees of the Month announced at First Wednesday

Update | Monday, February 7, 2022

Three employees were lauded for their work at First Wednesday. The Staff Employee of the Month was announced for both January and February. And for the first time since the pandemic began, the College awarded a Part-time Staff Employee of the Month.

Photo of JennaJanuary Staff Employee of the Month: Jenna James
Jenna James, videographer, was named the January Staff Employee of the Month. James started at the College in 2019 and was nominated by Pam Bishop, advisor to the Columbus State Foundation for her work on an ongoing series of videos she has produced for the non-profit arm of the College. “’Magical’ is the word we tend to describe Jenna in most conversations,” Bishop wrote in her nomination form. “She may think she is just adding music, transitions, and graphics, but what she is really doing is educating and engaging on a very emotional level, and the ripple effect of those videos can have increased financial contributions to the Foundation.”


Photo of MollyFebruary Staff Employee of the Month: Molly Sidelinger
Molly Sidelinger, business partner in Labor & Employee Relations, was named the February Staff Employee of the Month. She came to Columbus State in the summer of 2018. An anonymous employee in Professional Development & Retention nominated her, writing, “As we are returning to work, the role of the business partners has expanded to include responding to health assessments completed by employees and students. She has taken on these additional tasks while still providing the same level of support. Kristen Treadway, executive director of Human Resources and Sidlinger’s supervisor, says, “Molly has worked long evenings, weekends, and early mornings to support the community to help determine who is safe to come to campus, and when to close buildings and classrooms to perform deep cleaning.” 


Photo of RachelFebruary Part-time Staff Employee of the Month: Rachel Yoder
Rachel Yoder, Information Technology technician, was named February’s Part-time Staff Employee of the Month. She came to Columbus State in 2010 and began working in the IT Support Center. She is now part of the Knowledge and Training team and was nominated by Michelle Guendelsberger, IT program coordinator, and four colleagues. Guendelsberger’s nomination says, “When we found out (in 2020) the campuses were closing, Rachel worked tirelessly to help write and edit Knowledge Base articles for our College technology at a record pace. The new resources provided step-by-step directions for employees to be successful with remote work. She also assisted with the Online 101 resource for students. She is a true team player and always willing to help with any task that comes her way.


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