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Help inform students about the importance of registering to vote

Update | Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Columbus State serves a diverse group of students in Central Ohio. The College’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion means voter outreach is critical. The student body represents several categories of citizens who are traditionally underrepresented among the voting population, including young people, racially minoritized, and new citizens. 

Political scientists have demonstrated that having a college degree greatly increases the likelihood of becoming a regular voter. Our large and diverse campus means we have the potential to increase that likelihood for our students by making strong efforts to maintain our designation as a Voter Friendly Campus.  

While it is too late for students to register for the upcoming Primary Election on May 3, it is not too late for the Mid-term Elections in November. Feel free to share this link with students from the Secretary of State’s Office so they can find out more about becoming a registered voter. 


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