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Form available for Starfish service and support

Update | Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Retention Systems team has developed a Starfish Request Form to make it easier to submit Starfish service and support requests. After submitting a Request Form, you will receive email updates as progress is made on your request. The Retention Support Services team handles most Starfish service and support requests. Common requests that can be resolved by the Retention Systems team include:

  • Most Starfish login issues
  • Access requests (initial setup of a user account in Starfish)
  • Cohort management (meeting requests for the initial creation of cohorts, the addition of students, or updates to specific faculty or staff associated with a cohort)
  • Kiosk configuration (meeting requests for initial setup of a physical kiosk or virtual kiosk, requests to disable a kiosk or change hours of operation to a virtual kiosk)
  • Service configuration (meeting requests for initial setup of a Starfish service, requests to add/remove a user in a Starfish service, setup or changes to the following: appointment reasons, appointment durations, speed notes)
  • Functionality/Error Code (login error codes, kiosk login error messages, error messages received when creating an appointment, setting a block of office hours, etc.)
  • Message Templates (meeting requests to set up new message templates, request changes to messages sent via appointment confirmations, referrals, flags, kudos, etc.) 
  • Note:  We cannot support message templates at the individual user level (though we do offer templates that allow the raiser to insert customized comments).  Message template requests must have department consensus and leadership approval.
  • Roles (request changes to specific user permissions in Starfish caused by a change in position/function at the college)
  • Training (requests for customized training on how to set up personal preferences and utilize Starfish optimally)
  • Outreach/Communication (requests to create/disseminate targeted messages, assignment of “to dos,” or other communications to cohorts of students that nudge them to take action within specific timelines)
  • Reports (request specific meetings, services, or other reports supported by Starfish)

Requests that impact the functionality or specifications of a Starfish service area or department will need approval by the department’s leadership.  

If you already have access to Starfish and encounter an issue while using the software, a link to the request form is located in the “System Announcements” area at the top of your Starfish “Home” page, which is easily accessed via the hamburger menu (the three lines) at the upper left side of the Starfish interface:

The menu bar on the Starfish homepage

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