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Next FIX Lecture set for January 28

Update | Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Office of Academic Affairs Instructional Success Committee has announced the tenth Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX) Virtual Lecture Series presentation will be “Commercial 'Tutoring' Sites - Cheating as a Service.”

Robert Platt, assistant professor in the Information Systems Technology Department, and Justin Khol, program coordinator in the Office of Student Conduct, will present.

During the past couple of years, incidents of academic misconduct at U.S. colleges and universities have been on the rise. During the same time period, higher education has had to pivot to remote instruction due to the global pandemic.

Coincident with the switch to remote instruction has been the rise of commercial "tutoring" websites. These sites charge students a monthly subscription fee. Student subscribers are encouraged to upload their class assignments to these sites and are provided with complete sets of solutions to their course assignments. In some cases, these sites will provide timely answers to student exam questions.

In the past, faculty have had to deal with the occasional student, or perhaps a small group of students, cheating on assignments or exams. Now a multi-billion-dollar industry has arisen that leverages the capabilities of the internet to enable students to cheat. This represents a serious problem for faculty or anyone who cares about academic integrity.

At this talk, participants will learn about the rise of online "tutoring" sites and how these sites threaten academic integrity. Participants will also learn how these sites leverage intellectual property to make money and what can be done to detect misuse of our own course materials, including actions to remove course materials. Additionally, the presenters will share what college resources are available to assist us with this process and how the College deals with the issue of academic misconduct.

The virtual lecture will be held on Friday, January 28 from 1 to 2 p.m.

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2. Hover mouse over "Learning."  
3. Select "Events Calendar."  
4. Scroll to the event date (1/28) and select the FIX title.  
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