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February FIX to examine next-generation classrooms on February 25

Update | Monday, February 14, 2022

The Office of Academic Affairs Instructional Success Committee has announced the eleventh Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX) Virtual Lecture Series presentation will focus on HyFlex: Next-Generation Classrooms at Columbus State.

And there is a new addition: the session will now feature eight presenters:

  •          Jason LaMar, supervisor of Digital Education & Instructional Services (DEIS)
  •          Jack Popovich, professor of Business Programs
  •          Karen Rippe, associate professor of Biological & Physical Sciences
  •          Mike Greer, assistant professor of Information Systems Technology
  •          Royce Carpenter, assistant professor in the Interpreter Education Program
  •          Tara Rohr, assistant professor of Nursing
  •          Michelle Guendelsberger, program coordinator in Information Technology (IT)
  •          Wendy Cook, Nursing ACF 

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed many aspects of our lives, particularly in education. With the tectonic shift to online learning in the last two years, faculty and students have done their best to cope with the new realities of teaching and learning in a virtual world.

There is an emerging, exciting instructional approach available at Columbus State that promises to bridge the gap between on-campus and online coursework: HyFlex classrooms. HyFlex combines the terms "hybrid" and "flexible," referring to the complementary integration of face-to-face students with remote students. HyFlex offers faculty an innovative pathway to engage students synchronously across modalities in a familiar classroom environment using state-of-the-art audio and video technologies.

Students can participate in the same class sessions via in-person, on-campus meetings, or through video conference via Zoom calls. In addition, faculty and students on the campus can seamlessly interact with students online in real-time. And all students, whether they are face-to-face or virtual, undergo the same combination of class activities and achieve the same learning outcomes for the course.

In this FIX presentation, DEIS and IT staff members will quickly introduce and demonstrate HyFlex technology. The bulk of the discussion will then involve faculty from diverse disciplines who have already been using HyFlex. They will share insights on the logistical, technical, and pedagogical implications of this new instructional approach as they have experienced it with Columbus State classes.

The FIX presentation will be held on Friday, February 25 from 1 to 2 p.m.

How to Register:  

1. Log in to Cornerstone.  
2. Hover mouse over "Learning."  
3. Select "Events Calendar."  
4. Scroll to event date (2/25) and select FIX title.  
5. Select "Request.” 

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