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Early voting underway for Ohio’s primary election

Update | Monday, April 25, 2022

Be sure to exercise your right to vote and have your voice heard in Ohio’s May 3 primary election. There are three ways to vote: early in person, vote-by-mail, or in person on Election Day. As you may be aware, there will actually be two primary elections. One on May 3 and one in August. A date for the latter primary has not been announced. 

For the May 3 election, you will be asked to vote on candidates for the following offices: 

  • Governor
  • Attorney General 
  • Auditor of State 
  • Secretary of State 
  • Treasurer of State 
  • Ohio Supreme Court 
  • U.S. Senate 
  • U.S. House 
  • Local judicial and municipal candidates (and local issues may also appear on your ballot) 

You will be asked to vote for State Senator and State Representative later this summer.

Visit to check your voter registration status, view your primary ballot, learn how to vote early, and more.  

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