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February eLearning options

Update | Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Office of Professional Development & Retention has announced its February eLearning topics: Diversity and Inclusion. Without diversity in the workplace, organizations run the risk of viewing things from a limited perspective. The organization provides the structure for operation, but it’s the individuals within the organization who carry out the mission of the organization.

For further insights into Diversity and Inclusion and clear strategies for addressing prejudice in a meaningful and honest manner. Log into and click on the link to Cornerstone to register for the following:

·        Global Diversity (30 minutes)

·        Bridging the Diversity Gap (27 minutes)

·        Diversity on the Job: Diversity and You (60 minutes)

"We want a culture that is inclusive of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have opportunities to succeed and grow.”Nellie Borrero


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