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Visionary Dreamer awards presented

Update | Monday, February 15, 2021

The Visionary Dreamer awards were presented this year on January 27 as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. events. They are presented annually to an employee and a student.

Nominees for the Visionary Dream Award must make significant and lasting contributions to continue to create an environment where diversity is honored and respected on campus and within the broader community.

The inaugural award was presented last year to Barb Smith-Allen, coordinator in the Student Advocacy Center, for her vision to begin a partnership many years ago between Columbus State and Ohio State University to co-host keynote speakers for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations at both schools. 

This year, Smith-Allen presented the 2021 award to faculty member Robyn Lyons-Robinson for her ongoing work facilitating the African American Read-In event. Student Darius Torrence was recognized for his leadership as an Ambassador, Peer Facilitator with Make.Think.Live, and his courage and commitment to change the narrative from restored citizen to realtor. 

A picture of award winners Robyn Lyons-Robinson and Darius Torrence



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