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Annual Safety Training Day

Update | Friday, November 5, 2021

Jack McCoy provides pointers on using fire extinguishers.

Pictured: Jack McCoy provides pointers on using fire extinguishers. 

The Biological and Physical Sciences department hosted its annual Safety Training Day on October 2 on the Columbus Campus. Organized by Lab Coordinator Chris Keller in Biological & Physical Sciences, the day included guest speakers and demonstrations. 


As part of Domestic Violence Month in October, Corey Harris, a counselor in Student Life, provided an overview of victim advocacy. Harris has extensive experience in behavioral healthcare, as well as knowledge regarding issues of gendered violence.

A workshop provided faculty with tips on how to leverage teaching with technology to improve live online sessions. It was presented by Ann Palazzo, professor of English, and Jane Roberts, professor of Allied Health.

Jack McCoy, assistant professor in Justice, Safety, and Legal Studies, offered a fire extinguisher training session customized to a science lab. Topics included lab safety, lab hazards, fire preventions, emergency action plans, and fire suppression using fire extinguishers. 

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