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Faculty and staff oversee successful STEM summer program

Update | Thursday, September 2, 2021

STEM students attending the Certificate Reception.

Above: Students attend the STEM Summer Bridge Program Certificate Reception in WD.

Twenty-six faculty members, three staff members, and two administrators spent the week of August 23 overseeing the STEM Summer Bridge Program. The program is a student-success initiative allowing recent high school graduates to become accustomed to the college experience. It exposes them to the realistic expectations that a rigorous scientific program of study commands. This year, 25 students from across Central Ohio attended. They are all now attending their first semester at Columbus State.  

While on campus, they participated in lab activities such as DNA extraction, microbiology, anatomy, chemistry, geology, and ecology. They also attended workshops on diversity, equity, and inclusion; STEM study skills; advising; and financial planning.  One of the most popular sessions was a competition to design and create bridges using popsicle sticks to withstand significant weight. 

Students also had the opportunity to eat lunch with their new faculty mentors who will be supporting them during their academic journey at Columbus State,” said Laura Shady, STEM program coordinator. “Most importantly, the STEM Scholars developed relationships with their peers and learned about all of the many wonderful resources Columbus State has to support them.”


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