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Staff Employee of the Month

Update | Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A designer in Partnerships & Programs was named the latest Staff Employee of the Month at last week’s First Wednesday. Elicia Flom was nominated by multiple people in several departments. 

Flom’s supervisor, Nancy Case, dean of Partnerships & Programs, made the announcement. She said, “Elicia, you inspire us. You make us better. And we are grateful for your work.” In nominating Flom, Tara Sheffer, project manager, said, “Flom has been influential in countless projects over the past year, including the CREST training project and the launch of three new non-credit offerings. 

Michell Ward, project manager, said, “It’s not just that Elicia is a hard worker; she brings curiosity and joy to her work. She truly loves instructional design, learning new subjects, and creating courses from the ground up.

Photo of E. Flom
Elicia Flom


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