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Staff Employee of the Month

Update | Friday, June 4, 2021

With the pandemic limiting international travel, colleges and universities have faced challenges recruiting international students. Columbus State is no exception. The latest Staff Employee of the Month was recognized at First Wednesday for her efforts in International Student Services. Candace Allen is an advisor in International Student Services. She began at the College in 2018.  In her role, she assists international applicants, provides pre-admission counseling, and answers immigration regulation questions pertaining to student visas. 

Allen was nominated by her supervisor, JoYin Tang. In the nomination, Tang said, “Candace (goes above and beyond) by working as a student club advisor. She knows just when to step in and give advice while also letting students run the club as independently as possible.” Tang added that Allen brings enthusiasm and positive energy to our College, which is apparent through her willingness to help students, their families, and other colleagues whenever possible. 

Photo of Candace Allen
Candace Allen


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