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Library support for faculty members

Update | Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Columbus State Library is available to support classes with virtual instruction. Our virtual library sessions are designed to support your assignment and can be a custom video, interactive tutorial, or a live presentation during your regular class time.

Many instructors opt to pair videos with a live session. This format allows students to begin researching on their own time, and then have a professional librarian assist with any roadblocks they’ve encountered during class.  

To request a virtual library instruction session or chat on Teams, contact Sharon Richter, Reference & Instruction supervisor, at   

When requesting a virtual library instruction session, please provide us with:   

1. Your course name and number.   

2. The date you would like to post the library materials (2-3 weeks preparation is needed for custom videos). 

3. Any details of the research process that you would like us to include or emphasize in the library session for your assignment.   

4. A copy of the research assignment.  


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