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First4Weeks: Week 3 tips to Communicate, Celebrate, and Inspire

Update | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The First4Weeks initiative is designed to leverage and expand on the great student success work we already have underway by implementing proven, research-based strategies that can be used by students, faculty, and College staff. The four categories of focus are:  

*Build Relationships and Connect
*Engage and Stay Encouraged
*Communicate, Celebrate, and Inspire
*Support and Collaborate

During the first four weeks of this semester, you’ll find helpful tips and links here to help students succeed in all four categories. This week’s tips can show us how communicating proactively and celebrating accomplishments can inspire student success. 

Ideas for faculty
Students are often inspired by faculty members – in fact, when asked what the best part of their education at Columbus State was, our graduates usually cite our professors and instructors by name. Columbus State faculty have found that early feedback is important. Many strive to return graded papers quickly, especially in the early weeks, to help establish expectations and give students a sense of how they are doing. 

Ideas for staff
Especially in the online environment, it’s important to remind students that acclimating to any new experience is a learning process. Let students know that you value them and believe they can achieve their goals.

Visit for additional tips and strategies. Help students connect with one another, faculty, and the College at


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